Friday, May 26, 2017


I know by Friday we should have some finishes.  I have lots of in-betweens and now another start.  Yes some are almost done, but today I only have a start.  
When I scaled my job work schedule from first 5 days a week, then 4, then 3 and now finally 1 and well sometimes 2 I promised myself I would do two things.  One take more workshops.  My guild offers wonderful workshops at very low cost with a variety of really well know quilt teachers and lecturers.  Two I would join challenges that take place a couple times a year within my guild.  So a color challenge was thrown out on Tuesday night.  I drew February and the challenge is to do a color piece 22 inches wide by 18 inches long.  Yes, it is a landscape size.  I knew exactly what I  planned to do.  
 My idea, this from Carolyn Friedlander's book Savor Each Stitch.  The size has to be tweaked a bit, but it is perfect for my plan.  
So now to do some research on the gem and flower colors of February.  Then to dig in my stash, and a shopping trip. 
 I managed a couple pieces from my stash and then off to the store. The clerk graciously cut lots and lots of 1/8th yard strips.  Hmmmm, wonder if I will be welcomed there again, actually she was really nice about the stack of fabrics on the table.  

Violets and Amethyst, February's flower and gem come in a variety of lavender and purples.  The plan to have four rows of each color tone.  I am still in need of a couple more fabrics to complete the 6 pieces of each of the 4 rows.  I have until October to have it done.  So lots of time to appliqué all those tiny little blocks.  It may be a start rather than a finish but such a nice finish for me this week making the decision to go for it.  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I have been working on two items these last few weeks that require a good deal of concentrated attention.  I can only manage them for an hour or so then find I must do something a bit more mindless to clear the cobwebs.  I dug around my UFO's and discovered two quilt tops waiting for my return.  One actually had all the blocks completed and some even sewn together.  So time to lay it out on the guest bed and take a stab at it. 
My Blithe quilt.  I love this Fleet & Flourish by Maureen Cracknell.  I actually have a smaller quilt in these fabrics hanging in our dining room with larger triangles that I actually quilted myself.  This top went together very quickly so time to work on the second one waiting for completion. 
My Bubble Bath quilt.  The pattern is by Kelly Young and I used my Curiosities fabric by Jeni Baker.  I love the white bubbles fabric, a Moda by Bonnie & Camille.  Wish I had more of it, but sadly it is no longer available.  This is just a part of one side of the quilt.  I have been constructing it one section at a time.  Most the blocks were complete, but I find for some variety I have had to make a few more of those little guys in some of the prints I originally did not think I needed.  
The change of pace has helped and I am still getting back for an hour or so each sewing day to that Fall Leaf appliqué project and my Double Wedding Ring.  These two are still works in progress, but likely to be complete before I manage the more complicated items.  So I'll just link these guys up with:

Friday, May 19, 2017


Some weeks it seems like very little gets done.  I find I am better at starts sometimes than finishes.  Two little completes did manage to get done though.
May's Fat Quarter Shop quilt along.  I normally make all six alike, but I had that one fabric on the right that only had enough to make one.  The stripe makes one a little dizzy, so only one.
The two center blocks are in the fabric I made the last four in.  So much easier than last month's block.  See my Featured Post for those awful little things.  I did finally manage to finish all six of them too.
 Finally I finished my laptop computer bag.  It now travels in style.  
I am linking up with at last a couple of finished items off my list of To Do's.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


On a recent trip to visit Brooke in Minnesota and have such a great time helping with some of her projects I discovered a major problem.  My iPad just does not work well for working on my blogs, answering e-mails and that sort of fun stuff.  She graciously allowed me to use her computer, but I knew something had to be done as my husband and I have taken to traveling a bit.  
Once home we took our selves down to the Apple Store.  Yes, I am a died hard Mac computer groupie ever since college days.  
So we came home with this little beauty.  An early Mothers' Day gift.  Nice little guy just 13 inches, I do not need a bigger one as I have a large desk top at home.  This is my traveling buddy.  
Now the problem is that it has a wireless mouse.  I can use the mouse pad, but the husband prefers a real mouse.  Plus it has cords to deal with in order to recharge it.  The case I purchased is not large enough to contain them.  
So I fished around in my stash and found these Amy Butler fabrics. Originally there were to be a large bag that for some reason I never go around to making.  Perfect for this new plan. 
 Lining with fusible batting.
A zippered pocket for inside the bag.  This as far as I have gotten.  Work will continue later today.  
We had our Mothers' Day celebration here in our home with two of my daughters that live locally.  We normally do not do a lot of gift exchanging for this holiday, but both girls lost one of their beloved pets in the last couple of weeks.  So some close friends that do some lovely art work on rocks were happy to help out with a special gift for each of them.  
Peanut my daughter Jaci's dog and Oscar my daughter Kendra's cat.
Both were so surprised and say they look just like them.   I hope you all out there had a wonderful Mothers' Day.  Not a complete project done yet so I am linking up with:

Friday, May 12, 2017


I have to admit that this past few days I have done little more than quilt, quilt, quilt, on my falling leaves tree project.  Lots and lots of pulling threads to the back to tie and hide threads.
I love the texture in the tree trunk.
Lots of leaves to quilt still too.
Plus a start on the sky  as well.
Lots more sky quilted as well. 
Not sure how many more hours of leaves and sky there is left to do.  One just keeps quilting and pulling threads.  It is not a finish, but it is getting there so I am linking up with:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I have mentioned a couple times that I have begun to dabble with painting on fabric.  The learning curve on this is challenging.  My guild offered a class so I took it yesterday.  
This doesn't look like much, but I did learn I can paint my entire fat quarter of PDF fabric with water diluted paints.  
I now have grass on the lower potion of the fat quarter.  The green paint droplet will have to be cut off.  I got a bit to eager with the paint brush.  
 Time to add more blue, the teacher said mine was too light.  The colors lighten once dry.  
While paint dried outside in the sun.  We played making trees with yarn and thread.  Placed between Sulky Wash A Way you sew on top of it all over the threads.  Once washed away you get a nice little lacy tree.  
Learned several useful ideas to play with, and face it the most important thing was I had a great time.  
So I'll link up with a whole new set of WIPs.

Friday, May 5, 2017


I mention on Tuesday that I had been in Minnesota for a week playing with some of my bestie Brooke's projects.  Here is just a peek at what we dabbled in over the week.
One of the first projects we worked on was preparing some tee shirts with borders for a large tee shirt quilt.
Here I am working on a wedding quilt for one of her family members.  We had no pattern and limited theme fabric chooses which involved a number of inset blocks to fill in the spaces.  It was a challenge for ones math abilities, but in the end it not only looked wonderful, but even laid perfectly flat.  
One of our last projects was this quilt.  However we ran into a little problem.  The pattern made a 60 by 72 inch quilt, and Brooke needed it to be 80 by 90 inches.  The pattern could be widened but not lengthened.  
After much fusing and frantic scratch paper drawing we determined  to solve it with a pieced border.  
The 10 inch finished blocks at the bottom of the picture was our solution.  We made 30 of them and placed them all around the four sides. 
Projects on their way to being finished and time for me to head on home so I am linking up with an end to my wonderful visit with the best friend ever so I'll link up with:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I just arrived home today from a trip to Minnesota to visit my bestie Brooke.  One of these trip always includes a day trip to Gruber's Quilt Store.  It is such a treat as they have one of the largest selections of fabric to tempt one.  
 I picked up these batiks for an appliqué project I have in mind.  
One of these white fabrics will be the background for some flowers.  I love these new word and pictorial prints.  
These two just grabbed me and refused to let me go without bringing them home.  Now to figure out a project for them.  Any ideas out there?
Last rock fabric for a workshop I am taking next week.  This was what I came for in the first place, but one can get way laid along the way with other tempting treats.
Brooke and I also worked on a number of projects while I was there and I give you a sneak peek on Friday.  
I am linking up to show off my spending spree.
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Friday, April 28, 2017


I consider myself at least a intermediate quilter.  I hope I am not the only one that makes these silly mistakes.  I was completely down to the last row of quilting on my fall runner.  I discover that my back is slightly short on one of the sides.  Good grief now what does one do!  I could shorten it, I was not crazy about doing that.  I took a bit more time and discovered that once my binding was on and turned over the back to hand sew down I could cover up the mishap.
Well here it is done, and no one will ever know that that back was slightly short.  I was able to completely cover it up with the folded over binding.  Its a finish so I am linking up with:

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I have finally after a good deal of experimentation started to figure out this painting on fabric.  These two blocks are done.  Well maybe done, I think they might need a bit of work blending the colors.  
I am still working on this one.  It has a way to go.  I am not sure how I will quilt these.  I have toyed with doing some stitch outlining of the stems and blooms and not sure how to quilt the backgrounds as of yet.  I think there is still a bit of work to blend the colors a bit more, but they are more or less on their way to a good finish.  
They are still a work in progress so I am linking up with:

Friday, April 21, 2017


A couple of weeks ago I took a workshop through my guild with Mel Beach.  We had such a great time, and within another afternoon I had finished my piece.  I promised myself when I reduced my work schedule from three days a week down to one I would take every opportunity to take the classes that my guild offers.  I have another schedule in May.  They are not alway something I will do again, but you learn something new in every class you have the opportunity to take.  
Its a finish and up on the wall in the entry so I'm linking up with:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I down loaded April's Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Along this week.  It is the bottom right block.  I make six blocks of each month.  Thus far block number 4 has only this one.  Its all those little 1 inch finished squares and half square triangles, YUCK!!!!! They are a real pain.  Well I have five more to go, and at least they are cut out.  
WIP Oh yes, so I am linking up with 

Friday, April 14, 2017


My Blue Dahlia top is done.  Off to the quilter.  I had originally planned on quilting it myself, but frankly it is bigger than I am comfortable doing.  I hope to have a talk with my quilter and I am sure she can do what I had planned in my own mind, and much better than I would have succeeded in doing.  So nice to get this done. 
So I am linking up with:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Well the project is coming along.  I fear I am running out of fabric choices, so I may have to get on line and see what I can do.  Plus my bestie Brooke has offered to go through her stash and see what she can de-shrash for me.   These templates are Victoria Findley Wolfe's, which I borrow from a friend.  I love them, as they are 20 inches across a completed ring.  The nice thing is you have to cut out all your pieces and construct them in rows.  Then you just sew the rows together.  Tips: Starch does wonders for  piecing these, and Fons and Porter Fabric glue instead of pinning.  Never thought I would actually do one of these and this has been so much fun.  
No it is not done, but it is on its way so I am linking up:

Friday, April 7, 2017


My quilt guild does a Hot August Night Challenge each year. Often times they have a theme, but this year they gave us a specific pattern we had to use instead.  It was to cut seven fabrics at 2.5 inches by 18 inches together, and one had to be a white or light colored.  The remain six could be anything you wanted even scrappy. The strips were then cut at 2.5 inches and the light square moved down to make a pattern of your choice.  I decided to do a V pattern.  I also cut my strips three inches to give my other six fabrics a better showcase.  I ended up using the scraps left over from my Blue Dahlia quilt top, which is still in progress.  
I quilted this piece with straight stitching using 28 and 12wt threads diagonally in the V pattern.  We are required to give our pieces a name.  Mine Flying Geese.  I know I am a bit early, but this idea sprang into my head and I had to run with it.  I think I just might have a winner.
This is almost a finish, just a bit more binding to sew down.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


A couple weeks ago I finally decided to try my hand at a project I have considered for several years.  The problem that came about was that these blocks are really quite small and were not giving me the featured fabrics a big enough area. 
I talked to a friend at my guild, that offered to lend me her Double Wedding Ring templates by Victoria Finley Wolfe.
Wow what a difference.  Now this is exactly what I had in mind.  Plus with these bigger pieces they go together much easier and lets face it I do not have to make so many of them to boot.  I do have to say that two of the things I learned in the Craftsy class that I purchased on Double Wedding Rings quilts was the use of Fons and Porter fabric glue.  That curved piecing works great with only a pin or two.  There are no wrinkles or gathering.  Plus the advice on making sure you starch the fabric really well helps too.  
Yes it is still a work in progress, but I am way happier with it.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Three projects I should really finish in the second quarter of 2017

My Blue Dahlia quilt.  I have it three quarters done.  It is number one on my priority list.  

My fall appliqué wall hanging.  Lots more leaves and a ton of quilting to accomplish. Fall is a bit of the time away for now, but I really should get busy as time flies.  

Now this is a real goal.  I have thought about making a Double Wedding Ring quilt for years.  I actually made one ring years ago and tossed that idea out the window.  I'm back at it again with more success.  I really love this idea so far, so I am putting a pretty high priority on this one.

Friday, March 31, 2017


I am happy to say that I finally worked out most of the kinks in my fabric painting ordeal.  This 12 1/2 inch block is done, and I have two more ready to paint.  I am still on a huge learning curve, but it is getting better.
While trying to recover from several failed painting blocks, I decided to try to heal my wounds with something I do know how to do.  This needs way more leaves, then lots of quilting.
Well one thing finished and another getting there so I am linking up with: